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We understand you may have questions when starting your Scouting adventure. We're here to help. 
If you still have questions, give us a call at (317) 813-7125 or send us an email

The Uniform

One of Scouting's methods of youth development includes wearing a uniform. The Scout uniform makes Scouting visible as a force of good, signifies a Scout's commitment to Scouting ideals and serves as an economic equalizer of all Scouts. Additionally, the uniform serves as a recognition mechanism for earned advancement. 

Below are the basic parts of a Cub Scout uniform.* As a Scout earns advancement ranks, they will receive belt loops, emblems and badges to add to their uniform. Any council Scout Shop can help you with purchasing your Scout's uniform as well as understanding correct patch placement. 

*Note: The Lion Cub uniform for kindergartners consists of a t-shirt and hat. Please contact your den leader or any council Scout Shop for more information. 

Who Do I Go To If I Have Questions?

If you are not involved in a pack, you should start by filling out the form found here so that we can match you with someone who can assist you. If you are already in a pack, we recommend starting with your den leader followed by the pack leadership. Our council website also has many resources for a variety of questions and is also linked to the national site. Finally, any council service center has staff ready to assist you with any request. 

Do I Have to Volunteer?

The Scouting organization is unique in that it relies on nearly 8,000 adult volunteers in central Indiana to provide the fun, adventure and life lessons our programs offer. These individuals come from all walks of life and have varying degrees of involvement.

Specifically, Cub Scouting is designed to be a family-friendly activity where the entire family can be a part of the fun and adventure of the program. The degree of your involvement is completely up to you and what makes sense for your family and time availability. Whether you hold an official volunteer position such as a den leader or committee member or assist with driving Scouts to summer camp, know that you are helping to ensure your Scout and their fellow Scouts are having a positive Scouting experience. 




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